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Airman Battle Uniforms, or ABUs as they're known, are the new standard US Air Force Uniforms. The old USAF battle dress uniforms are currently being phased out, to be completely replaced by the ABU by 2011. The camo pattern featured in the ABU is a Digital Tiger Stripe, which consists of semi-pixelated blues, greens, and tan. The Airman Battle Uniform look is similar to the ACU, while it's construction is closer to the BDU. The ABUs we carry are made by Propper, who was awarded an exclusive license to manufacture the ABU. They are sewn in the Dominican Republic, a GSA-compliant country, and receive the NearIR treatment.

Some initial confusion and controversy exist regarding the new air force uniforms, and which versions are approved for airmen use. Rest assured these are the commercial version of USAF issued ABU using the same materials by Propper, the ABU supplier to the Air Force.

Another nuance of the new uniform is the new ABU sizing. Men's ABU coats are sized like traditional men's jackets (i.e. 44 Long), and ABU pants are sized by waist size (i.e. 34 Regular). For women, ABU sizing is based off of a woman's dress size - 2, 4, 6, etc. Please see our ABU size guide for complete details.

Airman Battle Uniforms

  Catalog > Tactical Gear > Shop by Camo Pattern > AIRMAN TIGER/DIGITAL TIGER (ABU)
ABU Utility Cap Propper International Propper - ABU Mens Coat w/o Chest Pocket Propper - Mens ABU Pants
Price: $ 5.50
 (Notify me if the price drops)
Price: $ 44.99
 (Notify me if the price drops)
Price: $ 44.99
 (Notify me if the price drops)

Propper International GORE-TEX® Gen 2 APECS Pants Propper International GORE-TEX® Gen 2 APECS Parka T-Shirt - ABU
Price: $ 119.99
 (Notify me if the price drops)
Price: $ 184.99
 (Notify me if the price drops)
Price: $ 7.50
 (Notify me if the price drops)

TRU-SPEC T.R.U. Combat Shirt (ABU) 2XL
Price: $ 64.95
 (Notify me if the price drops)

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